Alaska Mountain Goat Hunt – 350 Legend Lethality Test

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2016 Alaska Dall Sheep Hunt “Mountain Memories”

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Follow along with team members and brothers Austin & Auggie as they go after Dall Sheep in Alaska’s rugged backcountry.


Late Season Kodiak Sitka Blacktail Hunt “Thanksgiving Day Magic” Part 1/2

alaska, alaska hunting expedition, Blacktail Deer, Deer Hunting, DIY hunting, extreme hunting, grizzly brown bear, hunting, Hunting Culture, Hunting with Camera, meat, nature, public land, Videographer, wildlife

Here is part 1/2 from a 2016 late season sitka blacktail hunt on Kodiak Island, AK


Alaska Video: Alaska Is All About the Adventure


This is what Mission Alaska is all about…. THE ADVENTURE! Created by Premier Frontier Productions this video footage was compiled from adventures across the entire state. For more information check out Ever dreamed of exploring this beautiful place? This video gives a great sense of the raw beauty and rugged terrain this state is known for.

Thanks for the great music Noble Firs, “Night Driving” rocks the forests in this video. (From the Album Rockoon)
Special gear thanks to Pretty Fly for a White Guy, Barney’s Sports Chalet, Alpacka Raft, and Campbell Cameras.
Mission Alaska

Alaska Moose Hunting


Here is a video found on youtube that shows three Alaskan bull moose harvests. If you like moose hunting then you’ll like this moose hunting video.

Archery Moose Hunt Video


Came across this video on youtube, if you like moose hunting then you’ll really enjoy this video.

Short, sweet, and to the point. Really cool double paddle bull harvested with a compound bow.

Russia Moose and Sheep Hunting: Warning…Epic


This is a video recently sent in to me by Vince P, if you like seeing big bull moose then this video is for you. This video is from the Kamchatka Peninsula and features several big bull moose and snow sheep rams being hunted. This is definitely a dream hunt for many outdoorsmen, a dream of mine to some day venture. Check this epic video out.

-Mission Alaska

Mission: SD Family Pheasant


My family tries to get together once a year for a hunt. Recently, we all met up in central South Dakota for a pheasant hunt. I feel it is so important for families to make time to spend together and just as important to do that in the outdoors. In our busy and hectic lives that can be hard. So it was definitely my families mission to spend some quality time together enjoying hunting and the outdoors. We saw tons of birds and it was so enjoyable to see the dogs in action. South Dakota’s plains are majestic and it was amazing to be hunting on the river banks of the mighty Missouri river, just steps from where Louise & Clark’s Corp of Discovery traveled by centuries before.

Dall sheep hunting in Alaska


This is a classic Alaskan adventure, hunting for the elusive Dall Sheep in rugged terrain. Totally rocking kuiu gear during this dream come true hunt. Several nice rams taken in this video.