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  1. Austin,
    Were did you get your boat? and what brand is it?; we also enjoyed our conversation with you at speedy glass on may 28th… are really a great guy, good luck in all your adventures. Bryce & Valentina La Porte

    1. Valentina, It is so great to hear from you on! I really enjoyed our conversation the other day in Wasilla, the world is so small… The boat I used is called the Alpacka Pack raft. They can be found at, in the near future Team Mission Alaska hopes to be offering a special outdoorsmen model of Alpacka rafts through our website. Check out Gear and Apparel on the home page for more information. Keep checking MAK for updates and behind the scenes action!

  2. I’ve been searching around for a few weeks unable to find kind of longbow setup you like to carry for all around survival. in texas it takes a min of 40# for deer hunting. at least till 2 years ago. but would you use the same for birds and small game with just a diff head? could ya point me in the right direction? thanks a lot and me and my kids had an awesome time watching you on natgeo. God Bless.

    1. Dennis thanks for reaching out to Mission Alaska. Great questions. I use one hunting bow with several types of arrows knocked, fletched, and footed differently. Any old bow will do the trick for small game, but its always a good idea to check the game regulations first before hitting the field. My favorite small game getter is the flu flu fletched cedar arrow with 125 grain judo glue on heads… God bless!

  3. I recently was successful in harvesting my first bull. That being said we caped him perfectly except we did not split the bell. Long story short we had boat problems and by the time I got home and the cape to the taxidermist the hair had started slipping and the bell is ruined. Any chance you know where I could get a bell, maybe hair slipped on another part of a bull or was cut too short to mount, or another cape I would appreciate it tremendously. Love your site and adventures.

  4. Hello, Jerry, how are you? You took great picture of Dall Sheep for Wild Sheep front cover. My name is Timmer. Please text me.,406-438-1828. Thank You!

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