How Do I Gain Hunting Permission: Access to Private Land


How Do I Gain Hunting Permission: Access to Private Land


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So, these are questions that I am asked almost daily.  How do I gain hunting permission?  I have my hunter safety and hunting license, but I have no where to hunt.   How do I gain access to posted or private land?   I lost my favorite hunting location to posted signs… What do I do?

These questions are simply answered by making a phone call.   In order to gain hunting access or access to grounds you would like to hunt in the future you must first obtain the land owners permission.  Ideally you have verbal and written permission before you attempt to access any private grounds, even if you are recovering a downed animal.   Asking first is always the right thing to do, even if it is very inconvenient.  

The first step is to politely call or knock on an individuals door who owns the property you are trying to access.   Land owners are more reluctant to give permission these days as they are liable for any person who enters their property, meaning they are at risk every time anyone steps onto their property.  Many times the lands owners are very friendly and are more than willing to allow you to hunt on their land, that being said it is always a great idea to be a good steward of the land.  If someone does give you access to their land, in order to gain future access you must establish a working friendship and relationship with this owner.   How to do this is simple, offer your free time to them to help with any chores they may have outside of “hunting season”.  This means donating your time to help mow grass, bail hay, fertilize fields, spread pesticide, plant tree fertilizer spikes,  dig trenches, put in water bars, plant seeds, etc, etc.   Land owners put so many hours into growing wild game populations, it is always good to see the hunters are more into the process than simply showing up on opening morning and expecting to hunt for free.  Hunting for free is a relative term, and trust me there is no free lunches here.   

If you respect a landowner and dedicate your time to helping their property, you will find yourself with more hunting access than you know what to do with.   If a property owner says “no”, then politely offer to come and be a “free” set of hands to help in the off season.   If they turn down free work hours, then move onto the next chunk of property.   Gaining access to land is simple, it all starts with building a trusting relationship with the land owner.  Remember its not always about the kill, its the process that defines the hunting experience and what we strive for as hunters.   If you don’t know where your going to hunt for your upcoming fall season, start asking land owners now and dedicate a few free hours to helping them out.

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Mission?  Gain hunting access to private property never hunted before.

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Ribfest and Regions Archery Tournament

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Here is a few pictures from my adventures over the weekend competing in the Regions Archery tour in Warren Pennsylvania. I had a complete and total blast shooting arrows all day and throwing back BBQ ribs all night. I want to thank everyone in Warren county for their hospitality and generosity and for showing me a great time. I also want to give a few special shout outs to the staff and organizations running the archery tour, they all showed extreme professionalism setting up the best “world class archery tournament” I have personally seen. I also want to thank John Papalia and his family for hosting me, sponsoring me, and showing me an immense amount of kindness.







Fishing Alaska

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Alaska has some of the best fishing in the entire world. Have you been lucky enough to wet your line in the land of the midnight sun?




Hunting Season and Tags: Hunter Education

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Hunting season isn’t to far away and if you are thinking about stepping into the woods make sure to purchase your hunting license and accompanying tags.   Many states require hunters to fill out hunting reports online, these reports help biologists and Department of Wildlife officials maintain healthy population numbers, set game bag limits, and promote conservation through hunting.   With the internet this day and age, its never been easier to report your hunting adventures online at your states home webpage.

For instance:

In order to not be penalized for future hunting tags and permits, residents of the state of Alaska must report their prior years harvests before a set date.

Harvest Tag

Remember to always have the correct tag for the game species with your accompanying hunting license, simple Hunter Safety Education 101.  Hunting licenses and game tags directly benefit wildlife conservation and do many things for our cultural heritage and the tradition of hunting.  Don’t forget to fill out your hunting reports online, happy safe hunting everyone.


The Crew


The Crew

The crew of the Sea Falcon. Dom, Bridger, Austin, and Chris the Skipper.

Commercial Fishing 2013

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Just got back from yet another awesome Alaskan experience, commercial fishing in Bristol Bay for the past three weeks was a blast. Being off the boat and on land has me extremely excited for fall hunting season. Had plenty of time to mentally prepare for my annual hunting expedition across the state while I was out fishing. Really looking forward to chasing some critters and filling my freezer with my bow this fall. Thanks Mission AK’ers for being patient while I was off the grid, more posts, pictures, and fun soon to follow. Back on the grid and back to the grind.


If you are interested for more content on my past Alaskan adventures and expeditions make sure to check out the archives to past posts on the left hand side of this screen. Happy and safe hunting everyone.