Ultimate Survival Alaska on National Geographic Channel Premiers May 12th, 10PM EST.

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Austin Manelick, Missionak blogger, was recently cast in the National Geographic Television survival series based in the Alaskan wilderness.  This is definitely a must see series to watch, especially if your a fan of Missionak.com.  The series premiers May 12, 10pm  EST.   Check back to Missionak.com for more behind the scenes action not found anywhere else.

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Ultimate Survival Alaska on National Geographic Channel


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Pack Rafting Alaska

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Its spring time in Alaska and its the perfect time to get out and enjoy the last snow before it completely melts away.  This is a pack rafting video of a small cliff drop into the Matanuska River near Palmer Alaska, what a great way to spend a Sunday.

Spring time in Alaska 2013

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My mission over the past week has been to float the thawing Knik River near Palmer Alaska. It’s spring time here in Alaska and despite the recent snow we are having, break-up has started.



Big Deer with Broken Beam


I filmed this hunt with Willi Schmidt for Mike Hanback’s Big Deer TV show on the Sportsmens Channel. Willi is host of Pure Hunting (Sportsmen Channel) and also hunts for Mike’s Big Deer Hunt team, he is an excellent hunter and a pro with a compound bow.  I follow Mike’s blog and came across this photo from 2012, Willi shot the deer in 2011.  


Interestingly enough, I not only filmed the hunt but I also took this picture!  So cool to see some of my work found on legendary Mike Hanbacks blog!  Thanks Mike and Willi!  If this buck passed under my tree stand, you better believe I would draw my longbow and fling a double bladed Zwickey broad head down range.  Would you shoot this buck?


Another angle and a different hero shot of Willi, there is so many good photos of this old warrior its hard to choose which ones to post!  Nice job Willi, you really deserved this one.

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The link to Mike’s Blog Post: Mike Hanback http://www.mikehanback.com/blog/index.cfm/2012/7/17/What-Would-You-Do-Wednesday-Shoot-or-Pass-a-BustedRack-Buck