Alaska Moose Hunting


Here is a video found on youtube that shows three Alaskan bull moose harvests. If you like moose hunting then you’ll like this moose hunting video.

Hunting Culture in America


Interesting information on the growth of hunting in America, over all there have been some large movements in the self sufficient community.   In 2007, the New Oxford American Dictionary selected locavore as the “Word of the Year.”  “individuals who go afield for reasons of self-sufficiency and a desire for organic, local, chemical-free meat.”  as explained by the Responsive Management ( a report conducted by the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, and Southwhick Associates.  In this excellent article written by Ben O’Brien, Steven Rinella, Andrew Zimmern, and Georgia Pellegrini weigh in on why hunting is such and important part of our culture.  Hunting is on the rise in America, check out the links for some great information on the benefits of this lifestyle.

Organic free ranging meat eating is on the rise….Image

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The Pack Raft Table


Hey All,

Writer and media contributor Jon Dykes of team Mission Alaska is onto something big in the pack rafting world.  P-rafting is a revolutionary method of travel for the adventurous trekker, it has been said that p-rafts have changed the back country game. Image

 These light weight rafts open up new country across the world previous inaccessible by foot by allowing users the option to hike in deep and float their way out.  Very poplar among sportsmen enthusiast for the ability to handle relatively heavy loads with ease.  Back country anglers have found these rafts very helpful accessing lakes, rivers, and streams by foot….One issue with being a back country angler in a pack raft is there is not a firm place to hold your pack, tackle boxes, rods, cameras, your catch, etc.   

There is a solution to this….Jon an avid pack rafter and outdoors enthusiast recognized the need for a firm, lightweight, collapsable table compatible with all the various pack raft models.  Starting from scratch Jon experimented with various materials and designs to come up with the perfect fit for his p-raft.  Thus the pack raft table was born.  Here is the story from his website ( from the man himself.

Check him out online at if your interested in order one…

Archery Moose Hunt Video


Came across this video on youtube, if you like moose hunting then you’ll really enjoy this video.

Short, sweet, and to the point. Really cool double paddle bull harvested with a compound bow.

Garage Grown Gear

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 Jon Dykes recently forwarded a website he found which features products for the back country adventurous types looking for the next best thing.   They have great gear reviews and a plethora of information on their Online Magazine site.
Check out Its a unique and cool concept in the outdoor gear industry, as well as very true to our DIY spirit.   The pack rafting portion of the website has several cool features the experienced and the beginners will enjoy, they will drop ship you a pack raft rental via fed-ex anywhere… Check them out…
Amy is doing a week of free gear giveaways March 17-23. Some of the GIVEAWAYS they have on tap include:
-A Summit Pack from Hyperlite Mountain Gear
-Two Revelation Quilts from enLIGHTened Equipment
-A canoe paddle from Shearwater Webbed Paddles
-Tram Bars from Kate’s Real Food.
-Packraft rentals from Jackson Hole Packraft & Packraft Rentals Anywhere
-An Shades Anti-Bottle from Vapur
-And more …
Pack rafting is on the rise and many say its a back country game changer.

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Why Do You Hunt?


People hunt for many different reasons, some for the meat, some for the antlers or horns, and some for the pure benefit of challenging themselves.  Rifle, muzzleloader, bow, spear, if it’s legal don’t discourage the method.  We all enjoy the sport, tradition, and culture of hunting in different ways by different methods.   For whatever reason you are hunting, please do it safe, responsibly, and ethically and ensure our culture of being stewards of the land as sportsmen sticks around for generations to come.

I personally hunt, as always, to fill my families freezer and eat the most healthy organic meat known to man.  I also hunt for the adventure, its a great way to personally challenge myself.  Harvesting a big bull moose will provide our family with many meals, the true value is not placed on the antlers but the several hundred pounds of red meat for the dinner table.  Don’t get me wrong, a big bull moose looks great on the shed but you definitely cannot eat their antlers.

Cheers to a good hunting season this year.



-Mission Alaska

Dreaming of big bulls and hunting season.

Photos courtesy MA of Google Images.


Alaska Hunting: Wildman Lake Lodge  The “Rose Bull” 81 inches wide.