The Pack Raft Table


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Writer and media contributor Jon Dykes of team Mission Alaska is onto something big in the pack rafting world.  P-rafting is a revolutionary method of travel for the adventurous trekker, it has been said that p-rafts have changed the back country game. Image

 These light weight rafts open up new country across the world previous inaccessible by foot by allowing users the option to hike in deep and float their way out.  Very poplar among sportsmen enthusiast for the ability to handle relatively heavy loads with ease.  Back country anglers have found these rafts very helpful accessing lakes, rivers, and streams by foot….One issue with being a back country angler in a pack raft is there is not a firm place to hold your pack, tackle boxes, rods, cameras, your catch, etc.   

There is a solution to this….Jon an avid pack rafter and outdoors enthusiast recognized the need for a firm, lightweight, collapsable table compatible with all the various pack raft models.  Starting from scratch Jon experimented with various materials and designs to come up with the perfect fit for his p-raft.  Thus the pack raft table was born.  Here is the story from his website ( from the man himself.

Check him out online at if your interested in order one…

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