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 Jon Dykes recently forwarded a website he found which features products for the back country adventurous types looking for the next best thing.   They have great gear reviews and a plethora of information on their Online Magazine site.
Check out Its a unique and cool concept in the outdoor gear industry, as well as very true to our DIY spirit.   The pack rafting portion of the website has several cool features the experienced and the beginners will enjoy, they will drop ship you a pack raft rental via fed-ex anywhere… Check them out…
Amy is doing a week of free gear giveaways March 17-23. Some of the GIVEAWAYS they have on tap include:
-A Summit Pack from Hyperlite Mountain Gear
-Two Revelation Quilts from enLIGHTened Equipment
-A canoe paddle from Shearwater Webbed Paddles
-Tram Bars from Kate’s Real Food.
-Packraft rentals from Jackson Hole Packraft & Packraft Rentals Anywhere
-An Shades Anti-Bottle from Vapur
-And more …
Pack rafting is on the rise and many say its a back country game changer.

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