“Getting Dialed” Traditional Archery Hunting Practice

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We have only three days left till moose opens in Alaska for archery season, practice makes confidence.   Austin, Jordan, Pickle, and Crixus take to the 3D archery range for some practice for the upcoming hunting season.  Moose MEAT!


Alaska Bear Hunting 2014


Alaska Bear Hunting 2014

Starting to dial in my hunting plans for the upcoming 2014 Alaska bear season. Harvesting one of these beautiful animals takes a large amount of homework, a serious amount of physical/mental stamina, and a bit of luck. Over the years I have found several great DIY locations to find bears coming out of their dens. South facing mountain slopes have provided the majority of success on past bear hunts, this year will be no different.

Keep grinding out there you DIY’ers.. This year should be better than ever for those dedicated individuals willing to put in the time to find a brute nasty boar.

Good hunting Alaskans!

Ribfest and Regions Archery Tournament

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Here is a few pictures from my adventures over the weekend competing in the Regions Archery tour in Warren Pennsylvania. I had a complete and total blast shooting arrows all day and throwing back BBQ ribs all night. I want to thank everyone in Warren county for their hospitality and generosity and for showing me a great time. I also want to give a few special shout outs to the staff and organizations running the archery tour, they all showed extreme professionalism setting up the best “world class archery tournament” I have personally seen. I also want to thank John Papalia and his family for hosting me, sponsoring me, and showing me an immense amount of kindness.







Big Deer with Broken Beam


I filmed this hunt with Willi Schmidt for Mike Hanback’s Big Deer TV show on the Sportsmens Channel. Willi is host of Pure Hunting (Sportsmen Channel) and also hunts for Mike’s Big Deer Hunt team, he is an excellent hunter and a pro with a compound bow.  I follow Mike’s blog and came across this photo from 2012, Willi shot the deer in 2011.  


Interestingly enough, I not only filmed the hunt but I also took this picture!  So cool to see some of my work found on legendary Mike Hanbacks blog!  Thanks Mike and Willi!  If this buck passed under my tree stand, you better believe I would draw my longbow and fling a double bladed Zwickey broad head down range.  Would you shoot this buck?


Another angle and a different hero shot of Willi, there is so many good photos of this old warrior its hard to choose which ones to post!  Nice job Willi, you really deserved this one.

Check them out on Facebook Pure Hunting and Mike Hanback’s Big Deer


The link to Mike’s Blog Post: Mike Hanback http://www.mikehanback.com/blog/index.cfm/2012/7/17/What-Would-You-Do-Wednesday-Shoot-or-Pass-a-BustedRack-Buck