Legendary Archer: Arthur Young World Champion Archer Takes on Alaskan Expedition. Video

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This is possibly the coolest youtube video I have ever viewed.  This video shows world champion archer Arthur Young on an epic expedition across the state of Alaska subsisting with only a traditional longbow and arrow.  He takes on dall sheep, moose, brown bear, small game, salmon, and basically everything in between.  Arthur shoots a moose with his longbow, then uses its hide to build a canoe and float down the freezing Yukon River.  He spends times hunting with the Alaskan Natives on the his way to hunt brown bears in Kodiak.  This black and white video is awesome, watch legendary bowmen Art Young take on Alaska “old school” with only stick and string.

Image Courtesy of http://www.stickbow.com/stickbow/history/ArtYoung.html

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4 thoughts on “Legendary Archer: Arthur Young World Champion Archer Takes on Alaskan Expedition. Video

  1. Hi Honey, I looked up Art Young’s life history. EErie slmilarities between your life and his. I think you should have Sammye write the screenplay and you two pitch his life story to Nat Geo or Hollywood on the stipulation that you play him in the movie:) Cool story though, I know the world has lost it’s appetite for Trophy hunting but it never tires stories of heros or stories of people who inspire us to be better than the best at whatever we undertake. You’d have to learn in earnest how to play the violin though, kinda cool how he had such a thing for anything with a string on it. Sounds like he could do anything with a piece of wood and a string. Fast runner too, too bad he never made it to the Olympics. See the attached story from the link you found. Love you. XXOOO Mom xxoo

  2. Austin you are one of the coolest and most outrageous people I’ve ever met.

    I was just watching that video. It was incredible.

    EXPECT ME to come and join you on one of your adventures one day. Before I’m 30. Lock that in Stackhouse.


    PS: Natalie, it was lovely to hear you write about Austin. It warms my heart knowing how much you love him 🙂

    1. hi, I work for a 90yr old women who just got done telling me a lot of stories about her cousin, art young, this is definetly him, he use to live with her family, he sounds pretty cool, she said he died pretty young of appendisitis, I showed her the video and and said yep that’s my cousin! so cool, she loved seeing this, and has a lot of amazing stories of him, thanks!

      1. Stephanie,
        What an amazing connection made through the internet. Arthur Young has been an inspiration of mine since child hood. He was exploring the state of Alaska when the men were made of steel and the boats were made of wood. I have watched his old school videos over and over again, his 1926 expedition of Alaska truly inspired me. His primitive osage orange longbow taking down a moose on the freezing banks of the Yukon, then making a raft out of the Moose hide and floating to his next adventure “blew my mind”! I had no idea men had that kind of intestinal fortitude, and I admire him for it. I only wish I could meet this man today, shake his hand, and fling some arrows with him. How is his cousin? Would love to hear more about this connection with Arthur!


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