Grizzly Charge on Team Mission Alaska’s 30 day Expedition for Alaska’s Big Five Animals Fall 2011

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This clip is of a grizzly bear charge in central Alaska during an expedition style hunt for Alaska’s big 5 animals. This charge happened to be in the middle of our 30 day expedition on our second leg of the journey, the Dall Sheep portion of our expedition. Having no All Terrain Vehicles to take us 10 miles off road to the base of our dall sheep mountain location, we decided to use manual man power and the use of mountain bikes to get to our base camp. These mountain bikes provided a stealth like entrance to our Dall Sheep location, we biked upon a wolf and several bears during our bike ride. The squeaking wheels and rusty bike chains seemed to bring the bears to us! The bikes worked dually as a predator call and a deadly mode of transportation. This clip sent chills down the camera mans spine as he realizes that the only thing protecting him is the camera he’s holding in his hands. No doubt, this encounter could end fatally be sure to watch this heavy action moment when the host stands his ground in attempt to not become part of the bears lunch menu.

Follow the youtube link for the video to the grizzly charge. 

2 thoughts on “Grizzly Charge on Team Mission Alaska’s 30 day Expedition for Alaska’s Big Five Animals Fall 2011

  1. That Grizzly charge was pretty intense!! What you don’t see in that video is when we first saw the bears approximately 200 yards away while we were still on our bikes. After first sight, we all ditched our bikes and Austin immediately started making dieing rabbit calls to draw the bears attention. Upon hearing the commotion the Grizzlies started charging our way for about 150 yards while John and I were scrambling through our packs to get the cameras running. Talk about a rush!! Its funny hearing my commentary for the first time now, but it was really nerve racking at the time. Couldn’t have ended any better in that situation though, we were out to get a big ram, those bears just happened to be between us and our point of interest. Turned out to be some pretty good footage and another great Alaskan experience to add to the repertoire.

  2. Hopefully you get the chance to make up for that one peters…..Good thing you guys weren’t hunting brownies or you would have blown the stock with shaky camera skills and wiping the crap that was scared out of you out of your pants! Wuss! hahaha

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