MISSION ALASKA: 2011 Spring Black Bear. Spot and stalk, DIY hunt in Uknown Alaska.

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This is our 2011 Spring do-it-yourself bear hunt in Unknown Alaska. Sled Necks pro-snow mobile rider Jason Semler joined Austin and Jon on a 100 mile ATV ride to a secret bear hunting location. This webisode starts live on the hunt in the Alaskan mountains, mid-stalk on a nearly vertical cliff face the bear, Jon, and Austin hold on for their lives.. Jon has the cameras and Austin has a longbow, backed up by his Thompson Center 50.cal muzzleloader. This bear hunting location was developed over a three year period in which we visited the location to track bears post hibernation activity. Our third year at the location brought success with a beautiful cinnamon black bear with muzzleloader equipment. Check out http://www.missionak.com for more webisode action of the 2011 Mission Alaska season.

This is the featured movie star of the youtube link below.

Click this youtube link to take you strait to the video where this beautiful cinnamon bear is harvested.


This webisode links the article from this summer outlined “How to develop a premium bear hunting location in Alaska”.

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