First Moose: Jordan’s Bull

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This is Jordan’s first Alaskan big game harvest, she lucked out with the moose of a lifetime.  Join along with the crew on an unforgettable float hunt in remote Alaska.

2 thoughts on “First Moose: Jordan’s Bull

  1. Congratulations on your first moose, and thank you for sharing a truly realistic video of the hunt. Having guided moose and bear hunts I like yourself know there is a lot of work involved & I am glad you included some of that in your video. Enjoy the many fine meals you will have because of that work.

  2. Austin & Jordan – what an exciting video. Nice shot Jordan! I think the production of this video is very impressive too! Congrats on the exam Jordan. Happy Times. You guys are an awesome couple.
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    P.S. We are……….. (fill in the rest)

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