Spartacus and Willow: Have the next family horse

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I recieved a call around two this morning from my frantic mother, crying, cooing, and squeeling a little bit all in excitement for a new addition to the family.   Not only has someone special from up above brought our family a new baby boy name Paxson(August and Sarah Manelick’s baby boy), this year we have two special gifts.  This morning my mom’s excitement came from the birth of a new foal from our family horses, my Friesian stud named Spartacus and our family friends (Christy Royalty’s) Paint horse named Willow.

Baby horse from Spartacus and Willow

Baby horse from Spartacus and Willow

Is it ironic that this beautiful horse was born in Alaska and has a star looking white spot that looks like the state of Alaska on his back? I think not… This horse is meant to be an epic new addition to the family and our subsistence lifestyle.  The videos my mom shot, will be coming soon.

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