Primitive Archery: Whats your method?

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Primitive Archery my usual poison

Stalking animals with primitive archery equipment takes stealth to a whole new level. An animal taken with any kind of archery equipment is, in my opinion, a true trophy. An animal taken with primitive equipment means dinner, not to much argument with food on the table. Any legal hunting means to ethically harvest an animal should never be discouraged, to each his own. Respect other hunters, fishers, and outdoorsmen methods as you would enjoy others to respect you. Compound archery, traditional archery, primitive archery, rifle hunting, muzzle loader hunting, or even spear hunting try to enjoy others successes regardless of take method.

2 thoughts on “Primitive Archery: Whats your method?

  1. That is one epic pic Austin.

    I’m too inexperienced to even have a method at the moment, but when I get to choose, it’ll have to be the long bow. That or a throwable hatchet. I’m not even kidding there. That would be one of the most amazing ways to hunt. Have you ever heard of anyone doing that?

    1. Thats ok, to not have a method Ron. I’m sure some day you will find some means of catching game, you should try firstly to purchase a camera and practice stalking wildlife with a camera first. Snapping a picture of a beautiful animal should give you just as much satisfaction, most important have fun!

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