Mountain Cereal

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If you are back country hiker who enjoys a fine protein filled breakfast then this article is for you.  Recently I discovered, while on a filming/hunting trip with the tv show called Pure Hunting a clever way to enjoy a good breakfast before a long day of hardcore mountain hunting.  This backcountry cereal recipe is no doubt for seasoned veterans of the outdoors although it doesn’t take an expert to savor the flavor of this back country treat.   The recipe is as follows and can be altered to your individual liking, the key to this recipe is the milk.  Do not very away from the milk as this is the special formula that makes the mountain cereal possible.

Mountain Cereal formula:

-Small Freezer Zip loc bag (zip lock bags)

-Plastic spoon

-Fist full of trail mix

-Fist full of freeze dried fruit

-2x-3x Fist fulls of favorite cereal or combo of favorite cereals. (chex mix, cinnamon toast crunch, frosted flakes) its a personal preference.

-Fist full of mixed favorite nuts

Milk Formula:

-1 scoop (1/2 cup)of vanilla protein powder

-1 scoop (1/2 cup) powder milk


Blend all the ingredients together in the ziploc bag, hike to the top of your selected mountain; pour desired amount of water into the ziploc bag and enjoy(for you convenience directly out of the bag!)

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