Expedition Transportation

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Well so far we have found ourselves using many different ways to transport ourselves to the various hunting spots around the state of Alaska. We started off driving up to the Arctic Slope. That was a lot of hours in the truck then tundra hiking.

For the Dall Sheep hunting location, we decided to test out mountain biking. And the mountain bikes were a huge success….way better than ATVs. The thinner tires allowed us to pedal around swamp bogs, where ATVs would get stuck. When the bikes did get stuck, we could just lift them out of the mud…no winches required. And with no motors we cruised in silently, so no animals were scared out of the area. We were so quiet in fact that we biked upon a wolf and immediately after that, a mama Grizzly bear, with her cub. It got intense, but both parties went on there way…unharmed.

And of course, by foot is still our most relied upon method of transportation. We have done a lot of hiking in the mountains so far and the weather has been crazy. It was pouring down rain and even though it was August 10, we got snowed on! Then some days were sunny and hot. As they say, if you don’t like the weather in Alaska…just wait a second.

And when the mountain sides allowed us, we started running down. We just let gravity and our pack weight take us down while controlling the decent with our feet. It is way easier than going step by step…and more fun!

We also want to thank our friend, Bryan Peters, for helping us film on our past Dall Sheep Hunt. He got some awesome shots and was a huge asset. There are not too many people that would be able to mentally and physically handle that hunt, but Bryan made it look easy. We had a lot of fun and hope to have him along again some time.

Check out the short video of what we have been up to lately and stay posted because in two day we are at it again. We are going moose hunting and are taking a new form of transportation…horseback.

Strength and Honor,

Mission Alaska

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  1. Wow! It looks like you guys are doing some amazing things. Good luck with the next hunt fellas! I’ll be sure to keep checking up on your adventures. Nature is a beautiful untamed beast I’m happy to see two young guys like you making the most of it.

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