Caribou Hunting Mission Complete

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We just completed a successful caribou hunt in the Arctic circle. We harvested three bulls and got some meat for the freezer. In this short video, shot with my iPhone, we are just starting the 8 mile hike back to the truck. Each one of those packs we are holding, has the persons camping equipment, filming equipment, and a full bull caribou! They weighed close to 200 lbs each. The quads and calves were torched to say the very least.

There is no time for recovery, as we are currently driving to central Alaska to hunt for Dall Sheep. It is August and the mountain tops have already been dusted with snow. It’s going to be cold but hopefully the sheep will be moving.

Keep checking back for more posts and videos.

Strength and Honor,
Mission Alaska

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  1. Impressive hunting skills my friends! Am diggin your accomplishments! Job well done on the establishment of your site!

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