The Ultimate Hunting pack: Deep Backcountry, deep.

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Gear list—Comprehensive Compilation

A back-country pack after a successful harvest

-Hunting pack- I suggest an external framed pinnacle pack from Barneys Sports Chalet (extra pack clips)
-Waterproof watch with alarm clock
-Binoculars (8×32-10×42)
-Spotting Scope (20×40-60) and tripod.
-Shamoi cloth or binocular cloth(sportsmen has these near optic section)
-Rifle(30.06Rem or equivalent will do the trick- 300Rem mag)10-15 ammo
-or bow Dozen Arrows.
-Water proof sealable bag to enclose all gear within pack and prevent gear from getting bloody as your hunt will be success full with proper diligence.
-Clothes:Pack in layers. 1 Goretex or similar rain jacket. 1 fleece jacket. 1 pull over half zip. 1-2 long johns(I recommend 1 set underarmor). I Polyproalene, or spandex/nylon/polyester/lycra mix long sleeve. 1x Mamut champ pants orlycra spandex mix (dry as you walk and in wind). 1 under armor t-shirt base layer. 2-3x Marino wool socks. All clothes depend upon length of hunt. This list will generally get you through 1 week of hell and back…minimum. All clothes will dry just slip of your rain jacket and sleep in your sleep bag with wet under layers and socks, trust me they will dry. NO COTTON, ahah don’t kid yourself.
-1 set high-knee gore-tex gators
-Water proof pack cover (not essential but helps if raining)
-3/4 shank boots (make sure they are broken in) or muck boots(easier)
-Ball cap (preferably Penn State University apparel)
-Light weight polar-tec hat(breathable winter hat)
-Gortex gloves-with leather palms
-Knife (4 inch blade with sharpener) Havalon knives work as well
-Small roll 4 feet at least of duct tape(or one roll electric tape)
-Petzel Headlamp (or mini pinch led light)
-1 poncho to cover pack and items at night.
-Small pack baby wipes (scentless and serve as baths)
-1 gallon freezer zip lock bag (cell phone, licensee, tags, etc)
-2xBlack trash bag(may come in handy very light weight/concelable)
-travel toothbrush(travel tooth paste)/ with floss (double survival items)
-pocket compass
-First aide kit———–
-2 quarts Salt (iodized)
-Game bag
-Olympus waterproof shock proof camera(or disposable camera or equivalent)
-3 small squeezable super glue pouches (essential)
-scent free bug dope

-Windicator(smoke) or just grab a hand ful of nature off the ground
-mini survival altoids can with fire starters,fish line, matches) etc
-Flaggers tape to trail camp route back to spike camp or mark trail
-Flint starter or Bic lighter taped to…Chapstik and rope around neck
-Camel pack bladder with hose
-Iodine tablets or camel pack water filter system
-Extra water bladder to take to the top of the mountain(filled with water)
-JetBoil w/ 2 cans fuel total
-0° rated-Sleeping Bag
-Therma rest sleeping pad
-Bivy Sack(Gore-Sleeve cover for sleeping bag) Hence no tent needed. Or light weight tent. Depending upon number of hunters. (RECOMMEND 2 men sniper team) tent poles only mean extra weight=more weight to all= less distance to cover=less animals.
-1 Spork or spoon
-10 feet parashoot cord or shoe string

-1 Freeze dried meal per day. (for jetboil)
-3 candy bars or equivalent protein bars per day
-1-2 Romen per day
-1 Bag trail mix.
-Instant mix coffee or tea or similar if preferred
-2 packs of gum(helps curb hunger)
-1 Electrolyte beverage mix per day

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