Hunting Season 2013


Hunting Season: 2013


The hunting season is creeping up quickly now and it’s about time we as hunters pull out our gear and go through our rituals prior to the harvest.  My entire living quarters has been brought back to life in a dead sense, literally.   Part of my rituals is to pull out and clean my entire hunting kit, including my exterior frame meat pack.  My hunting pack, that has had more meat in it than a meat market, smells exactly like an old dead moose hind quarter.   Good thing my lover doesn’t have a problem with my stinky rituals…


-Purchase hunting/fishing licenses/ with appropriate tags

-Calendar all fall hunts and cross reference state appropriate game regulations.

-Organize gear

-Scent wash clothes

-Sharpen broad heads

-Re-tune bows, rifles, and arrows.  Practice shots

-Organize finances 

-Purchase new gear

-Check then re-check gear

-Comb topographic maps

-Fiddle with the GPS




We all have rituals to become successful hunters.  What are some of your rituals?

If your anything like me then you have probably exhausted all your hunting buddies ears by calling non stop and chatting about details of your upcoming hunts.   Non stop!   The hunt goes well beyond the field, and preparing for the hunt is 75% of the battle.   Hope everyones hunting season goes well this year, remember hunting rituals are a good thing!

Happy safe hunting everyone.



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