Vince P Traditional Archery for Small Game


Vince P Traditional Archery for Small Game

This was actually a magical day in the woods. I took off from behind the cabin with longbow and a quiver full of arrows using the old Alaskan 56″ snowshoes to get around in. Up on the ridge I could see the entire Alaska Range and Denali. The alpenglow on the mountains was a photographers dream. I spooked a bird roosting in the Spruce and it flew away towards another stand not to far away. Sable (my dog) and I gave chase, off we went to find the grouse. As we approached, it flew again but this time I didn’t lose sight of it and saw where it landed. About 40 yards away high in another Spruce. I pulled the fluflu out of the quiver and let loose. The arrow tip penetrated all the way but the shaft stopped half way through the birds chest. The bird and the arrown took flight from the tree …. to be continued ..


Thanks for the picture and story Vince. Your adventures are incredible and you inspire us all to get out there!

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