Vote for your fan favorite on Nat Geo’s Ultimate Survival Alaska

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Vote for your Fan Favorite on Nat Geo's Ultimate Survival Alaska

You know who Mission Alaska is going to vote for!
Check out the interactive map on National Geographic’s webpage for Ultimate Survival Alaska. Scroll to the bottom and make your vote heard for the number one fan favorite!

The premier is May 12th at 10pm EST, don’t forget to tell your mom happy mothers day!

You can find Mission Alaska as well as Austin Manelick on Facebook and Twitter @


Here is the link to cast your vote.

10 thoughts on “Vote for your fan favorite on Nat Geo’s Ultimate Survival Alaska

  1. Austin, the Colorado Parham’s are so VERY PROUD of you and your accomplishments!! We wish you and your team VERY MUCH SUCCESS!!!! You will ALWAYS be our favorite! ;~) (Not everyone can say that they’ve been coached by you or that they gave you rides to some of those practices!) We’re looking forward to your show!! GOOD LUCK!!!!

  2. Yea Austin. All for you man. Hope your doing good. Never got to go on that hunt you promised. Haha. You have to take me. You have an awesome life. I hope I can do somthing like that in the future.

  3. Austin, you have accomplished so much more than most people could have dreamed. Personally, I think you are IDEAL! Beautiful, in all aspects defining the word “man”! Please keep pushing forward! You’ve had my vote from the get go! Good luck, and I’ll be supporting!

    1. Lida, your words are very kind and I appreciate them very much. I have always been inspired by great men who have gone before me such as Art Young, Fred Bear, and Theodore Roosevelt. These men were visionaries, explorers, and adventurers at heart. If anything I hope to inspire people to get outside and experience our greatest resource of all and that is “the wild”. Best of luck on all your adventures Lida, if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to send them my way!

      -Austin Manelick

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