Philly to Alaska: Mission Complete

alaska, Camera, camping, fishing

Recently a few college buddies of mine called me up and asked me if we could go on mission, a mission in Alaska. John and Joe had never been to Alaska, and this winter wonderland was the perfect setting for ice fishing, snow mobile riding, and majestic views of monstrous mountains.
Here are a few of the pictures from Johnjoe and Joejohns Alaskan adventure.
Ice fishing: Mission complete
Winter Archery: Mission complete
Snow machineing: Mission complete
Cabin trip: Mission complete













It’s safe to say that we all had a great time playing in the wilds of Alaska and it was awesome to catch up with old friends. I can’t wait till the summer when we can go on pack rafting missions, midnight hikes, salmon fishing adventures, etc….The list of missions and possibilities goes on endlessly in the land of the midnight sun.

John and Joe’s mission was safe, successfully, and mostly stress free(outside of John getting his sled stuck in an overflowed river..). They completed their mission to Alaska….What’s your mission?

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