Mission Alaska: Alaska Dall Sheep Season Begins Today


Mission Alaska: The Alaska Dall Sheep Season Begins Today

Dall Sheep season throughout many of Alaska’s 26 Game Management Units opens today.  Hardcore Alaskan residents will be trekking across these GMUs in search of a white ghost with golden horns.   There will also be outside competitors to the ultimate spot and stalk game, non-residents from the “lower 48” are legally obligated to hire guide services for hunting this elusive mountain specie.  Guides are required for non-residents to hunt brown or grizzly bear, mountain goats, and dall sheep.  Being an Alaskan resident allows you to hunt without a guide for some of the most sought after game animals in the world, and the opportunity is at your back door.


Dall sheep hunting is exhilarating and cannot ever fully be explained through words.  This is the closest feeling to the spirit above I have ever had.   This is my outdoor sermon, in which I truly am in gods country.  Rewarding beyond belief, although the reward comes with great sacrifice and hard work.


Packing out a dall sheep can also be very strenuous, I am leaning in the mountain’s steep degree with the sheep on my back (not laying on the ground).  Many of my friends and family have headed out for the August 10th sheep opener on quests for finding their greatness.  I wish you all the best of luck, strength and honor.


Look forward to the next several months as Alaska’s hunting season is kicking off!  Articles of friends, family, and my hunting experiences will be shared over the following weeks.  Join us live for hunts and non-stop action as we post up to dates.  Good luck to everyone hunting in Alaska this year, please be safe and follow all of game regulations.  If you haven’t already please check the regulations prior to your hunt.  Safe hunting.

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