King Salmon


The beauty of living in Alaska goes far beyond the spring bear hunts, fall moose hunts and big game predators walking into Anchorage’s High Schools.Whether it is hooking a 8″ Northern Pike or catching a 24″ King Salmon, fishing is one of the most exciting adventures you can take on when in Alaska. The excitement you get when you get a bite on your line seems to never fade away no matter how big the fish is or how long you have been fishing. The most recent adventure undertaken was a trip out to Loren Rupe’s “Secret Fishing Spot” where getting a bite from a King comes just as quickly as you can put your line out.  Special thanks to Loren Rupe for inviting me into his outdoor world and showing me a truly great spot to fish in The Last Frontier! Stay tuned for the next article “Northern Pike Invasion in the Mat-Su” and be sure to like and follow David Austin on Facebook.

Alaskan King Salmon

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