Spring 2012 Bear Hunting Update


I just got back to home base in Palmer Alaska after two very exciting spring bear hunts.  The first hunt North of Talkeetna was with Vince Pokryfki out of his river boat.  We only saw one bear, however had the time of our lives on an unforgettable adventure.  During our trip, Vince and I would be hunting with our longbows.  After several days of hunting with no luck, we spotted a bear feeding up a river bank.  I would attempt the shot with the back up rifle with iron sights and no scope, a hail Mary at best.  The shot was a complete miss, and the bear was not harmed during the production.   More details to come later, once I finish the entire bear hunting season in approximately one week.


After the hunt with Vince, I would drive down to Valdez Alaska with Bridger VaNess(the videographer) to hunt beach combing bruins.  After two days of hard hunting, I would tag out with a beautiful Valdez black bear.   Using a scoped rifle, I was prepared for this encounter.  The DIY, spot and stalk, pack out hunt in this location would prove difficult.  However with determination, I was able to weather the cold rain and deep snow to harvest my quarry.


Not only did I have an awesome opportunity to take my bear, but I was also afforded the opportunity to share the great sport of hunting with a deserving individual.  Bridger my videographer was so thrilled about hunting that I encouraged him to purchase his hunting license and tags prior to leaving on our Valdez trip.  This encouragement could not have been more beneficial as I helped Bridger with his first big game harvest.  Cool.  After I had tagged out, Bridger and I met with Jason Semler who would be captain of his vessel, taking us to his secret bear hunting location outside of Valdez.  It wasn’t long before Jason spotted a bear and kicked Bridger and I off on the beach.  Bridgers very first big game stalk was a success and I could not have been more thrilled to share my passion with someone new to the hunting realm.  More details to come.

I am headed out on my next adventure to the Kenai Peninsula, in attempt to fill my two last remaining black bear tags.  When I get back from my last leg of this adventure I will do justice to telling the stories of my 2012 bear hunting season.  Should be a blast!

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