This year I was granted the opportunity to help coach a high school rugby team, one of the coolest experiences of my life.  PAC rugby team consisting of three high schools, Platte Canyon High School, Conifer High School, and Evergreen High School would join forces to make one collective club rugby team.

Noticing an article in a local publishing paper, the High Timber Times, I saw the PAC rugby team would be attempting to win the state championship tournament a title that has alluded them the past three years.  The PAC rugby team has made it to the state championship game the past three years in a row, however the team had not won the final most important game.

This year would be different, this team would train like champions and prove themselves the best team in Colorado.    The team played and were declared champions Wednesday night at Infinity Park, Glendale Colorado.  The team finally proved themselves worthy of the title State Champs throughout this season, earning the right to the title by the last game of the season under the lights.

I must say that I have never been more proud of someone else’s accomplishments.  I admire each and every person on this team and have thanked them for letting me be apart of their magical season.   I will be coming back next year to help assist coach this team to yet another state championship game.  Training started basically immediately after the final game had ended.    The underclassmen sent the graduating seniors off, to say the least, the best way they possibly could as the most dominant high school rugby team in the state of Colorado.  Thanks again to Coach Hugh Miller and Coach Marty for letting me be apart of these young mens development.  I learned much more than I coached and can’t wait for next years playoffs.


-Coach Manelick

5 thoughts on “PAC RUGBY STATE CHAMPS 2012

  1. Thank you for everything you did coach. You were a good coach and a better friend to us. We appreciate everything you did for us. Sorry you were unable to attend our final game, but we fought hard and came out champions. I’ll miss you if i don’t see you next year as an alumni or a coach. I hope you had a great time on your hunt. Please tell the ol’e lady I said hi and best wishes to you both.
    TRY TIME BABY!!!!!!!!

  2. Soooo Proud of you honey. I plan on holding you ot your promise to this team and I will be there next year cheering you an dthe team on!!! “Representing” Alaska Style!!!!

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