Alaska Map of Bear Attacks


I came across this interesting information on bears while researching bear attacks in Alaska.  When face to face with an aggressive bear, standing your ground can save your life.  This bear fact sheet from the Tongass National Forest noted most bear encounters are not dangerous.  However if you find yourself in bear country be prepared to stand your ground, make your self appear as large and loud as possible.

Devon Rees, of Eagle River Alaska, apparently didn’t get the “play dead when a bear attacks you” memo.  Devon took it upon himself to go “fist to claw” with this bear which ultimatly saved his life.  He went UFC on this bear and came to a draw.  Check this bear attack article out.


Photo Courtesy Purl Gurl

I’m going bear hunting myself this spring, in search of the very bears that have been known to attack humans.  These attacks will be fresh on my mind in the next few months.   Do these bears deserve a the bad reputation?


2 thoughts on “Alaska Map of Bear Attacks

  1. That’s fucking crazy Stackhouse. I can’t believe that guy who got mauled by a bear came out alive.

    All the best man. Stay safe and best of luck on this upcoming hunt.

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