Mission Alaska’s filming highlights present by D_A_ PRO,LLC


If you havent had a chance to see team Mission Alaska’s filming Highlight Reel, then this is your chance. This two minute youtube video shows the work D_A_PRO, LLC has done while filming for Mission Alaska.  The clips in this video track across the entire state of Alaska and provides just a glimpse of what the production crew goes through in order to “get the shot”.  Enjoy.

Mission Alaska with Host Austin Manelick

Mission Alaska with Host Austin Manelick

Mission Alaska’s filming Highlight Reel




D_A_PRO, LLC films in Alaska with no revenue retribution.  The purpose of Mission Alaska’s content is not revenue based, and receives no compensation for any of the filming in Alaska.  This (DA PRO LLC) content is non-profit and should not be redistributed for any commercial or product purposes.

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