Annual Family Moose Hunt: Youtube video attached of the 2010 “Freezer Filling” Moose Harvest


The youtube video attached below is my Manelick family (& Mom Dr. Natalie Beyeler) annual moose hunt.  Natalie is usually behind the scenes and attempts to hide a little bit from the camera, but during this webisode we caught Natalie on film in her element.  Our family has a packstring of horses, actually they are recreational riding horses until fall when we throw the pack paniers on them and make them “boss up” moose hind quarters out of the field.  That being said, our trained yet un-trained horses usually fare well with the heavy loads.  However, that does not guarantee that we wouldn’t have at least one mountain rodeo before the moose meat makes it back to the truck.


Austin, August, Sarah, Natalie, and Koala Bear(family dog) took family friend and ranch manager of Allegheny Whitetails Robby Carlson along for his first shot at an Alaskan Moose.  The 10 mile one way trip into the wilderness only helps our family move away from hunting pressure into better populated areas.  August and Sarah would be one hunting team, Austin and Robby would be the other hunting team, while Natalie would be doing the hardest work of horse whisperererereereer.  Natalie had the most important job of keeping the horses and our transportation from running away without the moose on their backs.  Auggie, Sarah, Austin, and Robby would have the easy job of walking on foot to find a legal moose.  As Austin would be the videogapher of the trip, he and Robby would take off a different direction then Auggie and Sarah to cover the most ground.  It doesn’t take to long before Austin and Robby spot a legal moose and begin the 350 Remington Magnum fireworks toward the perfect “freezer filling” spike fork.  



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