Record Snows Make Moose Do Funny Things Alaska 2012


Just another day in an urban moose life.  This pictured was snapped in Anchorage Alaska.  The AK has had a record year of snow fall, making the moose leave the snowy mountain to find forage urbanely.Image

One thought on “Record Snows Make Moose Do Funny Things Alaska 2012

  1. Natalie Beyeler says:
    February 29, 2012 at 10:16 am
    Love the guy from India, I’d really love to meet him. hwo cool would that be, maybe you could invite him here to Alaksa and then go see him in India, “swap”hunts maybe have a contest for some lucky kid or kids or young hunting group to accompany each of you respectively!!! a group of young Indian hunters in Alaska and a group of young Alaskan hunters in India!! What a great idea for a show!! Am in awe of what you have started, sending some pics of some Alaskans spreading the importance of youth hunting,and having real family time putting food on the table. People who practice wildlife and wildland preservation and conservation while enjoying the great outdoors. Amazing, this family hunts and survives in the wild together. Mother and daughter bonding alone, hunting and getting 2 trophy bucks after watching them fight to nearly the death in the throws of wooing the one remaining doe not yet impregnated…You know me , I find it so bittersweet, I hate to see life snuffed out, but I get the need for hunting. It makes me rejoice with you when I meet other people who respect our amazing wilderness and the beasts in it. So cool you are bringing hunters and hunting styles from around the world into your blog..We are all so so different yet so so alike.. What a cool concept. One of these days a producer will recognize the diamond in the rough you and your ideas are and want to show the whole world. I really think it would start a whole new revolution. A whole new slant on hunting and living off and in and for the land. Not to mention the sharp contrasts that distinguish yet unite us world wide in our survival on this planet. …..”Deep thoughts by MOM”


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