Pennsylvania Supports Youth Outdoor Engagement


Pennsylvania game commission has always been a strong supporter of the youths engagments in the outdoors.  I came across this article and wanted my missionak followers to see what some states are doing in the name of the next generation of hunters and fishermen.  This ladies and gentlemen is not your tax dollars at work, these are hunters, fishers, and true conservatives of nature that believe in planting planting seeds that will grow past our lifetimes.

This article follows my message to the role model outdoorsmen,  saving the future of the outdoors by planting acorns (metaphorically and physically) to ensure the next generation follows our roots.

Wild life for Everyone WrotePA Game Commission Programs

“Seedlings in the Schools has been a great outreach effort for the Game Commission, and is made possible by the hard-work of Theresa Alberici, Wildlife Conservation Education Specialist, and all of our Howard Nursery employees,” said Carl G. Roe, Game Commission executive director. “However, we would not be able to fully deliver this program if it were not for the financial assistance of the Wildlife For Everyone Foundation, and very much appreciate their annual contributions.”

Howard Nursery has done a service to the state of PA by providing all of the seeds needed for children in PA schools to participate in this program by planting seeds across the local habitat surrounding the school and local area.  Thanks you Howard Nursery for your service to the American population, you care about the next generation of our youth and their involvement in the outdoors.

I think many more companies should attempt to be more giving and donate to charitable causes such as “Seedling in the Schools”.  I also think more states should attempt to implement this type of program into their schools, not only more states, but more countys and cities, the only US for that matter.

Do you think programs such as Seedling in the Schools will help the future of outdoormens and outdoorswomen? I do….it all starts with one little acorn…

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