Go-Pro Goes to the Last Frontier


I am sure most of you have seen those little, but amazing Go-Pro Cameras. They have been worn by snowboarders in the X-Games and crazy red bull athletes with wing suits. They are a miniature, ultra tough, HD camera that can be put in a waterproof case and taken anywhere. We recently took one out with us, on our most recent bear hunt in Alaska. We were playing around with it and seeing just how tough this little guy was. We attached it on tons of things like ATVs, Bush Planes, and even to a stick to get some cool wide shots. Here are a few clips that we were experimenting with. Pretty amazing little cameras and for a relatively good price!

There motto is “Be A Hero”, so take one on your next hunting or fishing adventure and see what cool shot you can get. Here is a link to their page: www.gopro.com


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